Pusat Kajian Sains Terapan

Fokus Riset

  • Ecology and conservation of Tarsius.
  • Ocean-atmosphere interaction in the Indian Ocean.
  • Dynamics and thermodynamics in the tropical Indian Ocean.
  • Ecosystem dynamics in the Indonesian Seas.
  • Impact of  climate anomaly on Indonesia.
  • Catalysis and sorption
  • Exploration of bioactive compound for phytopharmaca raw materials.
  • Flood modelling in lowland urban areas.
  • Carbon active from oil palm waste.
  • Production of renewable energy bioethanol from lignocellulosic biomass.
  • Isolation of microorganisms related to bioethanol production.
  • Screening of natural subtances for antiproliferative and anticancer.
  • Bioremediation of oil contaminated soils.
  • Biological aspect in environmental assessment.
  • Conservation management.
  • Aquatic biology.
  • Photovoltaic hybrid off-grid system.
  • Application of magnetics to environmental problems.